Desktop Client and Mobile Setup

Setting up your new free email address is easier than ever. Verify you have the correct login information and click on your mail provider to head to installation instructions. You can also login to your email using the Webmail login.

Adams Cable Service

Setting up your email client

Account Info

Email Address: your full email address including "@echoes.net"
Example: johndoe@echoes.net

Username: your email name before the "@echoes.net"
Example: johndoe

Password: This is chosen by you when the email is setup

Incoming Mail Server: mail.echoes.net
IMAP: Port 993
POP: Port 110

Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.echoes.net
SSL: Port 465
TLS: Port 587

**Windows 10 Mail App Users: Please use smtp.echoes.net:465:0 as the outgoing mail server

Changing e-mail password: Please visit our Administrative Webmail to change your current e-mail password. Once logged in, click on the 'Settings' button in the top right-hand corner, then the 'Password' tab on the center menu. Enter your current password and then your new password twice to confirm. Password requirements must include a minimum of 7 characters, at least 1 capital letter and 1 number. You can also contact us at (570) 282-6121 and one of our support representatives can assist you in changing your password as well.

Mail Program Instructions

Select your e-mail client below and follow the instructions for configuring your '@echoes.net' e-mail

Mobile E-mail

To configure your tablet, smartphone or laptop to send e-mail while you are travelling use the settings below. The settings screens and options available may vary from device to device. Please contact Adams Cable if you need assistance.

Incoming Mail: Same setup as above for regular mail programs
Outgoing Mail: Same setup as above for regular mail programs

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