Maintaining Telephone Capability During Electrical Outages
Our phone service requires a phone modem (also known as an MTA) that is powered by plugging it into an electrical wall outlet. IF THE MTA LOSES POWER, YOUR TELEPHONE SERVICES WILL NOT WORK, INCLUDING 911 AND ANY HOME, SECURITY OR MEDICAL MONITORING THAT RELIES ON OUR PHONE SERVICE. We offer customers the option to purchase a battery that provides back-up power to an MTA during brief outages. Batteries are not included in our standard equipment rental since many customers prefer to avoid the extra cost of batteries by relying on mobile phones and/or their own backup power sources that can also power other equipment. You are responsible for making your own decision about whether or how to supply back-up power for your phone service.
Cordless telephones require power and will not operate during a power outage even if you have purchased a back-up battery for your MTA. If you purchase a backup battery or other power source, we recommend that you maintain at least one corded telephone to use during power outages.

Available Backup Power Options
Backup batteries rated by the manufacturer to last for different time periods up to 24 hours are available from our MTA supplier ARRIS at Make sure you choose a battery that is compatible with your MTA model. If batteries are not available for your model, you may contact us to request a replacement model that supports battery backup.

These backup batteries do not provide backup power for our Internet access service. You can purchase back-up power solutions from third parties, such as an uninterruptable power supply (UPS), but note that many UPS devices only last for a short time period when used to power multiple devices. Other back-up power alternatives may be available from retailers, such as solar chargers, car chargers or mobile charging stations that may be more useful for extended outages.

Performance and Monitoring of Your Battery
Battery life estimates are not guaranteed. The battery is intended to support short, emergency or other urgent telephone calls. During an extended outage, use phone service sparingly to preserve battery life. Batteries lose capacity with age with a typical lifespan of 6-10 years. Battery performance is likely to degrade if the battery or MTA is stored at temperatures outside of normal room temperature or if it is frequently discharged and charged. You are solely responsible for testing, monitoring, and replacing your batteries on a regular basis. We recommend that you check your battery at least every six months by checking the battery indicator while the MTA is plugged in or by checking your home phone’s functionality while the MTA is unplugged. We do not guarantee uninterrupted telephone services even to customers that have working backup batteries or other power supplies. Our network may experience other problems that would prevent normal operation of your services even if you supply power to your devices. If you are concerned that the battery life of one ARRIS battery may not be sufficient, you may choose to purchase one or more extra batteries that can be installed in succession during an extended outage after the power in the first battery is exhausted. Batteries should be rotated into the MTA at least once per year. You may need to press a reset button on the MTA to boot from battery power if a new battery installed when AC power is not connected.